• All the Hits, All the Time!
    The best hits of the 90's, Y2K, and today are here on Audiograted. With a massive playlist of 100s of songs, you can be sure there's always something fresh playing! With all the hits, this is Audiograted!
  • Live Personalities
    With live personalities throughout the week bringing you the best of the decades, there\'s always something cool on. And when there's no one at the studio, our Auto DJ plays all of the hits! Click read more below to see the programming schedule.


This is our live chat, where you can connect with the DJs, and other listeners! Our Audiograted bot automatically posts the current song to the channel, and you can call it at any time with !song in chat. Feel free to register your nickname to protect it from theft. For more information, type !register in chat!

Our Audiograted bot can also lookup weather conditions! Try !weather zipcode, !current zipcode, !forecast zipcode, and !forecast5 zipcode to get weather delivered instantly to chat.

If you’d rather not use our web client to connect to chat, feel free to use your own IRC client with the following server information:

Server: irc.audiograted.com
Port: 6667

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