• All the Hits, All the Time!
    The best hits of the 90's, Y2K, and today are here on Audiograted. With a massive playlist of 100s of songs, you can be sure there's always something fresh playing! With all the hits, this is Audiograted!
  • Live Personalities
    With live personalities throughout the week bringing you the best of the decades, there\'s always something cool on. And when there's no one at the studio, our Auto DJ plays all of the hits! Click read more below to see the programming schedule.

Meet the DJs


Jamie Welch

WPS ALUM, Jamie is a web designer/ programmer and is the Programming Director of the Audiograted Radio Network. Being an avid music lover, Jamie brings his knowledge and love of music to the air on Audiograted and other radio projects he is involved in.

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Nancy Raskauskas

Nancy Raskauskas, CEO, Founder, Owner and Developer of the Cosmic Networks including Audiograted Radio, is also a technology specialist, and graphic artist (NBR Design Studio)as well as an independent music artist. Nancy is the owner of an extensive music collection which spans over 80 years (No she is not That Old) including LP, Reel to Reel cassette and CDs. She has been exposed to a rich music background, growing up around the Washington D.C area, Philadelphia, and in California, listening to some of the more collegiate and unique radio stations, performing  herself and attending many performances and concerts over the years. Nancy will host Nancy’s School of Music here on Audiograted from 8:00pm until 9:30 pm every Tuesday Night. She wants to take you back to the time when radio DJs taught us a little knowledge about the selections they played, some of the roots and background of the music and maybe teach some interesting facts about the artists and songs that you never knew.90 minutes of everything from Oldies to Indie infused with hits, B-sides and Deep Cuts.You are bound to find music you love or to love on Nancy’s School of Music.

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Alex brings a lot of musical knowledge to the Audiograted Team. He plays an eclectic, often surprising queue of great music to his show, Alex’s Audio Attack, every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30.



Hannah Arrington

Hannah Faye is the manager of Audiograted radio. She also has her own show entitled Groovy Grooves which prominently features indie rock, with a slight emphasis on bands yet to reach peak success, R&B and some rap. Her favorite band (currently) is the Strokes and intends to own her own record label someday. Stay tuned for her show coming soon!



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