The cob size fit great! UV Eye Protection (Full) Standard Horse Fly Mask Most Durable, 3. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Used and Recommended By the Nation's Leading Veterinarian Teaching Hospitals! One thing that we all worry about is the risk for eye damage from flies and other pests during the summer months. The SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask by Farnam is made with your horse's basic needs in mind. Great quality with ease of attaching over the bridle. Your horse will be protected from both insects and the sun thanks to the material used in this mask. We did have to use some creativity to control the excess strap material once tightened, but that's easy to do with a barn full of supplies! However, in terms of visibility, not all mesh is created equal. Tracking information is sent to the email address associated with your order. In this particular buying guide, we evaluated a full range of fly masks to bring you our top picks based on a variety of factors. Kelley & Company Brow Lift Fly Mask w/ Ears, Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Durable Mesh Fly Mask Ears & Nose, Kensington 90% UV Fly Mask w/Web Trim - Exclusive, Professional's Choice Comfort Fit Lycra Fly Mask Solid, Cashel Crusader 2023 Patterned Standard Fly Mask, We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. The horse did very well with it until he accidentally got it caught somewhere and broke one of the plastic clasps. UV Eye Protection (Full) Horse Fly Mask with Nose Best Value, 4. 10/10 recommend. Brand: EquiVizor UV Fly Masks 233 ratings $4199 ($41.99 / Count) Size: Full COB Mini XL Full PONY About this item Finally, the Velcro started to wear out. Our Review: Cashel Crusader fly masks provide fly-free comfort with a unique design that has stood the test of time. I feel that the Velcro did pretty well considering that it was put on and taken off daily for 3 years. So, wed highly recommend buying this amazing mask for your horses to keep them safe from uveitis. To accommodate every horse, we have a variety of sizes available, Pricey compared to other comparable items. He likes it and keeps it on :) We trail ride with him in it and it protects his eye from stray tree limbs. UViator Fly Masks - 90% UV Protection. The twin Velcro fasteners of each mask provide exceptional flexibility and security. Love all three products and will continue to use and replace as needed. Have a blue-eyed mini so eye protection is a must. Oliver's ears are very soft and small and masks usually slide right off his face. 2023 Protective Pet Solutions. I think the video speaks for itself on the durability of the masks. Watching bugs continually attack your horse's face is annoying, but it can also be quite stressful for some equines. My only recommendation would be to use a softer fleece material to cover the bindings and under the straps. What You Must Know! UV rays are blocked by the material it's constructed of, which covers the whole face and ears. Even better is the double-touch Velcro closures for security in the stall or during turnout! Shop the Professional's Choice Comfort-Fit Patterned Fly Mask. He loves it as well!! Lona and Diablo in Wyoming, USA. This fly mask is in durable Textilene with soft, fleece edging and large fitting, soft ears. Horses accept it much better than traditional masks. Only the nostrils and mouth of your horse are visible. It also offers excellent UV protection, with a blockage rate of 80-90% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. Her neighbor was usually helpful in taking off the velcro portion of fly masks but with the throat latch buckle as well as the velcro on the jaw - it was still on when I came out Our main gripe with this mask is that it's pricey compared to its features. Recommended by my vet .. You can more effectively choose your horse's fly mask size from there by referencing the manufacturer's sizing chart. Superior Triple-Dart Vizor Design keeps the mask UP and AWAY from your Horses' Eyes and Face vs. other masks that lay flat against it. 2022 BestForPets.Org. Or you might want to pick a fly mask with ears to use it as a training tool. UV Eye Protection (COB) Horse Fly Mask with Nose - Most Coverage 5. EquiVizor 95% UV Eye Protection (COB) Standard Horse Fly Mask - Help with Uveitis, Corneal Ulcer, Cataract, Light Sensitivity, Cancer. Most fly masks I had irritated his eye & did not provide protection from the hot Texas sun. My 29 yr old horse has developed uveitis in the last couple of years, and our vet suggested this visor. With this mask on, your horse won't have any trouble seeing. This mask is lightweight and breathable, so it won't overheat your horse. Any horse with blue eyes, little pigment or pink skin will benefit from the protection. Rinse out with a hose, or hand wash with mild liquid soap. Fences, barn walls, and more often come into contact with horses. The best part about this fly mask, I can put it under or over by bridal. As long as your horse's mask has proper UV protection, this may be avoided. In comparison to other items on the market, there aren't various sizes to choose from. My horse Mikey loves his new fly mask. Just slip this stretchy mask over your horse's head, and they are good to go! The Equivizor UV Fly Mask has shaped eye darts, an easy snap breakaway buckle closure and a special EVA lining for extra padding on the brow and sensitive nose area providing 100% UV protection to those areas for horses susceptible to Uveitis (Red/Pink Eye). I am so glad I found this mask. Now, the 4th fly mask on our list for the horse with uveitis is from EquiVizors COB mask with a nose that provides one-step upgraded protection against UV rays. I will never buy anything else! Money Back Guarantee option has been suspended until further notice. The eye darts are strong, so there is no worry of the mask caving in on your horse's sensitive eyes. These big horses also require masks that may fit them properly, and thus, this fly mask has a big size, plus Velcro straps for the people who have accidentally bought the wrong size and now want to have their horse immediately wear the mask. Its said that UV rays increase the infection and are very bad for uveitis in horses. I love you guys. This mask has a limited number of sizes, but it makes up for it with a wide variety of colors. Some fly masks only cover the eyes, others the eyes and ears, while others extend down the nose. I love having the UV protection as my horse had severe uveitis attack both eyes last year. Depending on use and how dirty your fly mask becomes, you should rinse or wash it down about every week or two. We love this mask. When you order a product like this, it means you need it yesterday for an eye problem. Our pick for a horsefly mask that provides the best UV protection. It fits and he has not managed to do a self-removal! Last year I bought a 12.3 hand pony and purchased one for her. If you answered yes to any of these questions, your horse will benefit from wearing a fly mask, particularly one with UV protection. A friend of mine bought this mask from you a couple years ago and I loved the quality of material, and the design and how well it fit her horse. This fly mask is the best! Because the original mask worked so well, I just ordered a replacement. Regularly inspect your horses eyes and face as well as clean the mask. $79.99 USD. She definitely needs it for bright, sunny days, and windy days. Designed to Stay On Your Horse, Off The Ground! This is our second mask for her. Not a particularly long-lasting material. I would highly recommend this fly mask. My donkeys make a game of pulling fly masks off each other usually in a matter of minutes. The fabric of the mask is easily damaged by minor abrasions, and ours didn't survive long throughout testing. If your equine does better with, or you prefer to use, fly spray on their face instead of a fly mask, we encourage you to check out our Best Fly Sprays of 2023. It is SO easy to put on and I love how it doesnt go over his ears and covers less of his face. The 10 Best Fly Masks for Horses - Reviews 2023 1. From the most critical analysis, weve seen that the strap was not of that quality which they claimed, but still, it made a list of the best fly masks for horses with uveitis. How to Give Cats a Flea Bath? You may apply insect repellent spray or walk inside to avoid them, but your horse is helpless against the swarms of flies that love to assault the faces of horses. Why spend more money on the Durvet Duramask when you can get the same level of performance with a cheaper mask? As a result, selecting a fly mask with good coverage is critical. very nice quality I ordered the cob size for my 14 h mare and it fits perfect. Our third fly mask for horses is also from the same brand EquiVizor, and its great in terms of providing a whole covering of UV eye protection, the corneal ulcer, and the horses that couldnt resist any harsh sunlight. They just work and keep the horse's eyes safe. I will never buy another brand you have me as a life long customer! Extremely lightweight and breathable, this mask is an ideal option in especially hot and humid climates due to the lack of extra materials. So, thats why we would love to recommend this mask for the following conditions: The second last best fly mask for horses with uveitis is from Solar Vizors, an emerging horse equipment supplier and manufacturers. It is important to choose a mask that does not hinder your eyesight. Thank you! Its the first mask my horse cannot remove. However, the holes in the EVA lining allow the outer mesh to cave in a little.I would like to try riding with it but havent done so yet. These masks are the best. Up to 68% of damaging UV radiation are blocked. **Price matching restrictions vary by brands. Look for a mask with good ventilation to help keep your horse cool, especially during the hot summer months. Little to no protection is given to the face. Love these fly masks, they work great for horses that have had eye surgery. Well at least 6 months a Year.. More to come later. We don't believe it's a horrible mask; it's simply not one of the finest. The PVC material has been used in the fly mask to be super soft while your horse is wearing it. My horse has uveitis and needs sun protection. The Durvet Duramask has a lot going for it, including soft fleece borders and a mesh structure that allows for a clear vision. He is definitely more comfortable, and this mask stays on as advertised. I love how adjustable it is and the shaped area around his eyes. The UV protection seems to be doing it's job, because the tumor has not returned. A: Your fly mask should be replaced if there are any visible signs of damage, such as a torn strap or fraying material. That says a lot about his liking it. When it comes to fly masks, the Manna Pro Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask is one of the more affordable options. With so many different coverage and color options, add one or two (or all of them) to your fly-fighting arsenal! All rights reserved. As far as I can tell, they're both basically the same mask, so why is this one more expensive? UV Eye Protection (COB) Standard Horse Fly Mask - Professionals Choice Comfort Fit Mask 2. 10.5 inches from outside corner of eye to outside corner of eye. Take the Houdini Horse Challenge! 4.3 (80) $4399 ($43.99/Count) FREE delivery Apr 18 - 21 Or fastest delivery Apr 13 - 17 Options: 4 sizes Your horse requires a great mask that will give it protection against the UV light rays coming from the sun. Well done! Well made, and best of all offers great protection and my horse cant get it off! (391) $37.99. 9 Alternatives For Dog Owner, 10 Best Rocking Horses For 1 Year Old in [2022], 10 Best Rocking Horses For 1 Year Old in 2022, 15 Awesome animals with fluffy tails With Picture, Can Cats Eat Lemon Pepper Tuna? He wears it whenever he is in turnout and it protects his eye from stray objects. I like how well the cob size fits, how easy it is to put it on and take off, and the way it keeps the mesh off his eyes. It worked so well, I bought them for all my donkeys. I like the way it sits out from the eyes, and its nice to have three points of adjustment. Best fly mask ever. I made some padded tubes to use on the two straps that buckle it on . In our opinion, our choices covered the horse except for its nose and lips. Remove your horse's mask daily to look it over for wear and tear, as well as to monitor your horse's head and eye health. While your horse can take a little sun exposure, particular areas of the face are more vulnerable to sunburn. Ensuring your fly mask is properly sized to your horse is key to receiving the maximum benefits of its superior design elements. However, I noticed that the nostril area got quite dirty as his head is down on the ground to eat, so when I ordered the replacement clasp, I ordered another ultraviolet mask without the nose piece. Not all equestrians want a full horse mask for their horses; some also want a mini mask that only covers the eyes and provides a little shade to their horse from sunlight.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'animalhowever_com-leader-1','ezslot_17',124,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-animalhowever_com-leader-1-0');if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[320,50],'animalhowever_com-leader-1','ezslot_18',124,'0','1'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-animalhowever_com-leader-1-0_1');.leader-1-multi-124{border:none!important;display:block!important;float:none!important;line-height:0;margin-bottom:7px!important;margin-left:auto!important;margin-right:auto!important;margin-top:7px!important;max-width:100%!important;min-height:50px;padding:0;text-align:center!important}. My horses love these masks!! Thank you so much! I am so relieved to have discovered this visor. And so, rather than cutting the excess strap off , I just feed the extra length through the tube . Thank you for such a great product. Rinse well and allow it to air dry only. The TGW RIDING horse fly mask was a pleasant surprise. This mask cost the least but fits great and is extremely well made. After everything was said and done, we could only choose three masks as the obvious victors. The eye sections give plenty of room for her eyes. Varying fly masks are available in different styles, sizes, and costs, so it's important to know what you're looking for before you buy. So far, so good! Plus, it holds up to any pasture pals trying to rip off their friend's mask! They certainly won't have an easy time getting this one off with its double hook-and-loop closures! The ladybug is shown between two eyes that are crossed. my horse loves it and my vet said it is perfect for this horse with eye issues. EquiVizor 95% UV Eye Protection (COB) Standard Horse Fly Mask - Help with Uveitis, Corneal Ulcer, Cataract, Light Sensitivity, Cancer. On all orders over $75. Thank-you. Last year i Purchased 3 masks with Ears and they Stayed on Great. Does my horse have pale eyes with pink eyelids? At the same time, the PVC material promises durability and rash-free skin. Two playful 8 year old Arabians that previously could not keep their fly masks on more than a few hours.I was about to give up..until I tried Equivisor!!!! As a result, the Farnam Supermask II comes in at the bottom of our list for cost. Want more details on horse gear product considerations in general? How To Stop Possessive Aggression in Dogs? Because there are just three sizes available, not every horse will be able to find a satisfactory fit. If your horse is fortunate enough to fit into one of the 11 available possibilities, the choice is yours! This mask is available in seven different sizes, allowing you to find the right fit. Protects against 70% of the sun's harmful radiation. Durvet Duramask, on the other hand, is overpriced for what it gives. What Should I Do? Im happy to report he keeps his fly mask on, the fly mask doesnt touch or irritate his eye & the UV protection provides additional coverage for his vision. My 21 yo qh was diagnosed about a month ago. So far, so good. Made to stay away from horses eyes for comfort and is highly scrubbable for cleaning. These are the only fly masks my horse will keep on. Our Review: The Armour Shield Pro Fly Mask by LeMieux is a favorite among our staff, especially for the more petite horse, because it offers an elasticated close-contact fit while providing superior visibility. Don't forget to order an extra quick-release clip with your fly mask order. I sent this pic of my two senior mares that both have advanced uveitis. The fluorescent piping on the outside of the horse's body makes it easy to see in the dark. Great product and great customer service with this company! Sturdy enough that mine lasted two years! Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. This mask has a special vizor design that protects your horses eyes from getting exposed to sun and other environmental dust and infectious air. It fits well, and is comfortable for my horse. EquiVizor Fly Mask - With Nose and Ear Protection. It fits so well and she actually likes it!! The Equivizor is a game changer. I bought two different sizes and the cob size fits my horse. Every person is worried about their horses not keeping the mask on their face, while these masks from EquiVizor have great strength to withstand any major climate changes. You may breathe, eat, and drink your horse without restriction thanks to this mask's full-face covers, leaving just the tip of its nose visible. Orders for in stock items received by 12:00 PM ET (Monday - Friday) will ship the same day. Our 34 year old white pony is now shielded from flies and the sun. Well, I was thrilled that this mask stays on! I love this and so does my horse. May take longer in post-Covid times. Adjustability and a secure fit are provided by dual Velcros. The visor is simple to wash in washer or a quick rinse in the sink. It is left open so that any insects may go into the ears and lower face. Compare the many fly masks you're considering using the following characteristics. Horse Fly Mask with Ears. Overpriced is a fair description, in our opinion. UV Eye Protection (Full) Horse Fly Mask with Nose - Best Value 4. I sent this particular photo to show that, even when rolling in mud, the masks stay on! They have personally addressed that this fly mask effectively keeps away all the insects, UV rays, high lights, or dust particles that may interfere with the horses infected eye. There are four sizes to choose from, and each one has a fair amount of adjustment. It easily works over the bridle as well as daily on its own. It is a lightweight, breathable fly mask that is intended to keep flies and bugs away from your horse's face and eyes. Horses with uveitis should always use masks to protect against all types of bad UV rays that might affect their horses vision. Thank you. Its patented design provides proven eye protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. I would have given it 5 stars but when I got to my horses, the velcro was almost undone by my other horse. Rather than other masks, this variant in equalizers masks remains one of the greatest for providing the best solution for staying at the horses face and ultimately protecting the horses eyes. Good and Bad Explained, Can German Shepherds Eat Watermelon? It fits her well and can be used while riding too over a bridle. Order with confidence. Shop the Cashel Quiet Ride Standard Fly Mask, With Ears | With Nose| With Ears and Nose | Standard. NOTE: Until further notice Express money back guarantee for late deliveries has been suspended. The strap will keep up the mask and prevent it from getting collapsing on the eyes, while PVC and EVA combination makes any eye injury at minimum. Does my horse's coat become easily sunbleached? Our vet says he has to wear a mask day time no matter the time of year. Although you've previously read about them, we'll go over them briefly again just to make sure they're still fresh in your memory. Seems to be good quality. Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots, Blue, Horse. Fly masks do not only serve the purpose of a physical barrier against bugs, dirt, and wind; most also offer UV protection for light-sensitive horses that are susceptible to bleached coats or sunburn (think pale eyes with pink eyelids and pink-skinned noses). Diablo has light sensitivity with his beautiful blue eyes and with his 95% UV protection from his Equivisor, he loves to run and play! Superior Triple-Dart Vizor Design keeps the mask UP and AWAY from your Horses' Eyes and Face vs. other masks that lay flat against it. You'll find more information on cookies at, Exclusive offers sent right to your inbox, Elasticated, Close-Contact Fit to Deter Pests, Double Hook-and-Loop Closures for Security, Ear Holes Can Be Tight on Larger Horses w/ Wide Ear Set, Hair and Dirt Accumulate in Lining on Brow and Nose, Mesh Ears and Eyes for Breathability and Visibility, Sizing Needs to Be Correct to Ensure Horse Comfort, Some Horses Might Not Like Slipping Mask On and Off, Ears or Nose Pieces Can Be Too Long on Some Horses, Convenient for Repelling Insects During Rides, Needs to Fit Properly w/ Tack to Prevent Bugs Under Mask. The Field Relief mask is effective in blocking out 70 percent of the sun's harmful rays. To ensure a precise fit, it comes in seven different sizes. Although each size may be adjusted to a certain extent, you must buy the size that best fits your horse. Choose a closure that is secure on your horse and easy for you to use. I love these fly masks. Take good time while youre making your horse wear this mask, and keep them wearing it for 2-3 weeks in case of severe infection such as cancer, corneal ulcer, and cataract, etc. Brand: EquiVizor UV Fly Masks 89 ratings $3899 ($38.99 / Count) Size: COB COB Mini XL Full PONY About this item Even if the ears aren't shielded, it has the advantage of not obstructing vision. Some restrictions apply. Fits comfortably, no rubbing and I think he likes his forelock free as his other masks don't leave it free. UViator CatchMask Fly Mask with Web Trim - 90% UV Protection. Durable, good ventilation, well placed straps. Have a horse that likes to rip their fly mask off? Get the full breakdown in our Guide to Fly Control Gear for Horses. Express orders are typically delivered in 1 day; however, they do not guarantee "overnight delivery" to "all destinations". The Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask may be the best in its class when it comes to visibility. great Product. We have been using these mask for over a year now and they are the best they hold up very well. Use a string or flexible measuring tape to find your horse's nose circumference, throatlatch circumference, and poll-to-nose measurement. The great use of PVC fiber has made the mask very suitable for horses with chronic uveitis. Also, it doesn't cover the nose and mouth like the other masks that received our endorsements. Brand: EquiVizor UV Fly Masks 79 ratings $4299 ($42.99 / Count) Size: Full Mini XL Full Pony About this item Click on the button to select your EquiVizor Fly Mask version! Overall, weve used the mask on our horses, and it seems that it worked great as the cold weather-resistant as well, if youre lucky and your horse doesnt have uveitis. It covers the majority of the face, including the ears, rather well. Our recommendation for greatest value, the WEATHERBEETA Bug Eye Horse Mask, is remarkably similar to the Professional's Choice Comfort-Fit Fly Mask. We're here to help you and your horse! Fits the majority of horses weighing between 500 and 1,500 kg. I have been looking for years and have purchased so many different kinds. This visor keeps her eyes shaded, prevents her from rubbing her eyes when hot and itchy, is well ventilated, and minimizes wind impact. Fits our 11h mule perfect. Derby Originals Reflective Fly Horse Mask - Best Overall Check Price on Chewy Check Price on Amazon Offering incredible coverage and protection at a reasonable price, the Derby Originals Reflective Fly Horse Mask is our top pick of all the fly masks we tested.