• All the Hits, All the Time!
    The best hits of the 90's, Y2K, and today are here on Audiograted. With a massive playlist of 100s of songs, you can be sure there's always something fresh playing! With all the hits, this is Audiograted!
  • Live Personalities
    With live personalities throughout the week bringing you the best of the decades, there\'s always something cool on. And when there's no one at the studio, our Auto DJ plays all of the hits! Click read more below to see the programming schedule.


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Q The webstream does nothing but buffer endlessly?
A The player needs a certain amount of music buffered before it feels comfortable about playing the music. If it doesn’t have enough network / internet bandwidth to buffer that much,
it will just keep trying and trying to buffer. Make sure that: your internet connect is fast enough, and that you’re not downloading a lot while listening, … .
Q How do I open this stream in Winamp?
A If the above link for Winamp does not work, go to the ‘File’ menu, and click ‘Play URL’. In the open URL field, copy and paste this address:
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